Hurricane Season & Disaster Response

Hurricane season is here, and for coastal facilities and offshore installations, that also means the possibility of significant damage to equipment and facilities. When these events happen and bring operations to a halt, it is imperative to get the equipment repaired and the facilities back up and running. A major hurdle in beginning a recovery project is finding accommodations near the location or establishing an office or command center.

The hurricane that damaged your facility will often also damage the surrounding hotels or facilities that typically house and support workers. The hotels that remain operational fill up immediately. That means the repair process usually begins with sourcing temporary accommodation packages for the repair crew, operational teams, or other essential personnel.

Armoda supplies modular offices, command centers, accommodation packages, and temporary utility systems for hurricane recovery projects. Based on our experience with these projects, we have found that companies that include these packages in their disaster recovery plans can shorten their downtime and get their facilities back in working order.

Armoda’s capabilities and solutions for developing these packages includes:

Accommodation Modules

Designed as plug and play solutions, these accommodation modules can be deployed quickly for temporary living quarter requirements. Various footprints are available that can accommodate from 2-12 personnel per module, including beds, lockers, desks, and bathrooms. Accommodation modules can be stacked and linked together to scale up for large complexes, and they can be paired with our ancillary modules if support facilities are required for galley, diner, laundry, offices, etc. Designed and certified for onshore and offshore operations.

Offices & Command Centers

Modular buildings that can easily be deployed and setup to get operations back up and running. These units are fully furnished and provide working space so that essential personnel and operational support will have facilities to conduct business onsite.

Ancillary Modules

Developed to provide all the necessary support facilities such as kitchens, galleys, diners, laundry, offices, recreation rooms, etc. These units can be deployed as standalone assets, or they can be paired with our accommodation modules to provide a complete living quarter package. These units can be customized as needed to support project requirements.

Auxiliary Equipment & Utility Systems

Hurricanes and natural disasters often impact the utility services that we rely on for operations. Along with our modular buildings and facilities, Armoda also has a fleet of auxiliary equipment that can be deployed to support these facilities and utility requirements. This list includes generators, power distribution, diesel fuel tanks, water tanks, pressure sets, sewage treatment systems, lift pumps, shower trailers, port-o-lets, and remote communication systems. This allows Armoda to deliver turnkey services for facility requirements.

Mobilization & Install

Having the assets is important, but having the ability to mobilize and install the equipment following a hurricane or natural disaster is equally important. After all, what good is having the assets if you can’t get them delivered and functioning onsite. Armoda has both in-house transportation and logistics capabilities, as well as installation technicians. This allows Armoda to deploy assets quickly and get facilities back up and running.

Service & Refurbishment

Our dedicated service and maintenance teams are available to provide ongoing support for our assets, as well as provide customers with refurbishment services for their existing facilities that may have been damaged during the hurricane or natural disaster. Armoda technicians can be dispatched to survey existing facilities to develop detailed plans for refurbishment requirements, or utilized for emergency call out services for repairs and service. These services include refurbishment and repair services for HVAC, electrical, plumbing, structural, and architectural finishes.

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