Custom Fabrication

We build modules for clients across the globe. We have the in-house engineering capability and knowledge of relevant global standards so that we can work with you to ensure that your project-specific requirements are satisfied.


Our expertise is in producing modules for use in the harshest environments, particularly when required to be highly mobile.

feature living quarters

Armoda has engineering and design capabilities that support a variety of Living Quarters solutions. These include integrated fabrication as part of the overall platform fabrication, to single lift block builds in our own facility and modular build for optimal transport and rapid installation. We design and manufacture Living Quarters for A, H, or J class fire rating. What sets us apart is the flexible support that we provide in executing customer projects while meeting stringent international specifications and standards.

feature control rooms

Control Systems and DCS equipment can present some unique challenges. For example, if you require a pressurized module that is provided with a fire suppression system and HVAC with chemical filtration, our Control Rooms can be supplied with equipment from your approved manufacturer and managed by one of our team of dedicated Project Managers. You can be assured that each Control Room provided by Armoda will meet the rigorous demands of the international regulatory bodies and related certification.

feature technical buildings
Our engineering and manufacturing resources allow us to provide customized solutions for even the strictest oil and gas specifications. From the very salty North Sea environments to the temperature extremes of the Middle East and Russian petrochemical facilities, we are experienced in delivering on-time solutions that not only enhance oil and gas field development but also protect life and assets.

From HV switchgear to DCS systems, we will ensure that your equipment will remain functioning in the most extreme, hostile surroundings on the planet.
feature labs offices
Depending on specific needs, our Laboratory Modules for Hazardous Areas operation can be fully fitted with Ex equipment and pressurized cabinets, or the entire unit can be pressurized. Laboratories can be built as a permanent installation for the premises or they can be designed as mobile modules. We can also provide retractable or split modules.

All of our Laboratories are customized to meet specific client requirements, but we also have standard modules designed for ease of shipping and compliant with relevant regulations. It's never too soon to discuss your laboratory requirements so that we can discuss and work them into the design. We can also house your specialized equipment and resources.