Flex 42 Accommodation Module

Designed to provide maximum comfort for up to 12 personnel, split between three bedrooms. Unique design features include en-suite wet units and exterior doors for each bedroom. The flexible design includes a removable bulkhead panel that allows for linking multiple modules together. The redundant HVAC and communication packages provide additional comfort for your crew. This A60 rated module comes fully compliant and certified to the latest regulatory requirements for portable accommodation modules.
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42 ' Unit
42'L x 12'W x 10.5'H
~50,000 lbs
Additional Support Models Available
Galleys | Diners | Recreation Rooms | Offices | Laundry

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible layout (sleeps 3 – 12 personnel)
  • Optional linking corridor
  • Stackable up to 4 high
  • ‘Plug & Play’ utility connections
  • Fully furnished (bunks, bed curtains, desks, lockers)
  • High-quality interior finishing and features, like LCD TVs with CAT6, HDMI, USB, audio connectivity
  • Optional support modules (Galley, Diner, Laundry, Office, Rec. Room, etc.)
  • Sprinkler head and piping
  • Optional stairs & walkways
  • Separate thermostat per room
  • En-suite wet unit per bedroom
  • Exterior egress per bedroom

Tech Specs

Global Compliance: ABS – USCG – DNV 2.7-1 – EN 12079 – SOLAS – IMO – UK HSE – CE Marked

Fire Rating: A60 FTP SOLAS (Optional H120)

Electrical: 3 Phase, 220-415V, 50/60Hz, 100 ft Power Cable

Detection and Alarm System: Smoke detection wired to external junction box. Gas detection optional.

HVAC: 100% Redundancy (1 Duty/1 Standby) 4 Ton HVAC per room, A60 fire dampers

Communication: LCD TVs, CAT6, HDMI, PA/GA speakers, USB & audio connectivity (Wi-Fi option)


In one of the world’s most tightly regulated industries, operating in the harshest environmental conditions, you need safe and reliable accommodation modules that will protect you and your personnel. FLEX 42 from Armoda is already compliant with the stringent ABS code and can be installed on all ABS-classed vessels worldwide and reliable modules will keep your personnel comfortable and safe in all global locations.

Following ABS and other international certification and safety requirements, the modules can be stacked up to 4 levels on floating installations or on a fixed platform.

Plan ahead with ABS compliant FLEX 42.