West Coast Lease Fleet Expansion

Armoda has expanded our footprint in order to provide better access to our globally compliant modular solutions and services for customers operating on the US West Coast. The new facility located in Bakersfield, California will allow Armoda to deploy assets from a regional facility in order to reduce lead time and mobilization expenses. The facility will store and maintain lease fleet assets consisting of modular accommodations, ancillary units, offices, workshops, and labs.
Our modular equipment has been developed and deployed to support project requirements for oil and gas, renewables, disaster relief, marine construction, and maritime/shipyard support. Along with our Gulf Coast operations in New Iberia, LA, Armoda continues to address the demand for modular solutions in the Western Hemisphere.

Accommodation Modules

Designed as plug and play solutions, these accommodation modules can be deployed quickly for temporary living quarter requirements. Various footprints are available that can accommodate from 2-12 personnel per module, including beds, lockers, desks, and bathrooms. Accommodation modules can be stacked and linked together to scale up for large complexes, and they can be paired with our ancillary modules if support facilities are required for galley, diner, laundry, offices, etc. Designed and certified for onshore and offshore operations.

Ancillary Modules

Developed to provide all the necessary support facilities such as kitchens, galleys, diners, laundry, offices, recreation rooms, etc. These units can be deployed as standalone assets, or they can be paired with our accommodation modules to provide a complete living quarter package. These units can be customized as needed to support project requirements.

Offices, Workshops, Labs

Modular facilities that are built in compliance with global standards for hazardous area operation for Zone 1 requirements meeting dual compliance for ATEX and IECEx. Options are available for various 3rd party certification requirements for DNV 2.7-1, DNV 2.7-2, ABS, USCG, CSC, SOLAS, etc. These units come fully furnished and can be outfitted to support needs for offices, workshops, labs, control rooms, etc.

Technical Buildings & Equipment Enclosures

Custom engineering, design and fabrication for innovative technical buildings to support requirements for e-houses, electrical enclosures, MCC buildings, substation modules, control rooms, data centers, etc. Developed in house as a turnkey or split scope solution, these units are designed and fabricated as modular packages and then shipped and installed at the project location.

Service, Maintenance, Refurbishment

Dedicated service and maintenance teams to provide after-sales support, preventative maintenance, spare parts, and refurbishment. Our technicians can be dispatched to survey existing facilities to develop detailed plans for refurbishment requirements, or utilized for scheduled or emergency call out services for repairs and service.

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